P.S. 233 Langston Hughes Public Elementary School | East Flatbush Brooklyn NY

construction to commence summer 2019

The P.S. 233 Langston Hughes Public Elementary School in Brooklyn has recently begun co-habitating their school with a Public Charter. This has brought increased demands on their remaining spaces, a lack of identity for the school and increased competition. Fortunately, it has also brought funding for improvements via matching grants. We are implementing the phased installation of a multi-faceted interior design intervention that is meant to have an impact in terms of organization within the classrooms as well as display and identity throughout the school. A modular system of cabinets are installed in rooms, providing a multi-layered series of cubbies, storage, shelving, and adjustable lesson boards. The halls are lined with colored panels, tackable surfaces meant to act as a super-graphic and way-finding system through the school as well as a flexible system to display the student’s work and announcements. Colors are arrayed in a rainbow as you move through the school. The cabinets within the classrooms are color-coded to mirror the colors of the hall outside, implying a socially linked, exterior face within the rooms.

Team - Garrick Jones | Graciela Hodgson | Sylvia Choi

Collaborators - JeongChoi | Innergaze