Loop Loft | Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

Full renovation of a 2,500 work / live loft and studio. A wood object and enclosure loop d loops through the long through lot loft space, acting at various locations as floor, ceiling, wall, door, window, cabinet, closet, hideaway, bath, kitchen, and library, creating a central throughway both intimate and interconnected, surrounded by a string of peripheral private spaces.

Team - Garrick Jones | Cathy Braasch

Collaborators - Adrian Jones | HD Carpentry 

Select Publications - Dwell Special NYC Issue We Love New York: Inside the City’s Smartest Homes “Loop Loft” | Apartment Therapy, Green Tour “Adrian and Allison’s Loop Loft” | MOCOLOCO | Design Milk

Select Photos - Kevin Cooley | Liz Vidyarthi