Harlem residence | Harlem NY |

Phase 2 currently in construction

Walls and ceilings are cut through to expose new depths and adjacencies in this renovation of an apartment in Harlem NY. Modified surfaces are represented by distinct colors and light, arranged loosely in two axes, exemplifying the individuality of each room and surface and exacerbating combinations. Rooms can blend together or be separate. Surfaces can act as figures or enclosures. Design uses representation opportunistically. The softness of spatial layering is an expression of the real needs of one the family members being in a wheel chair, needing distinct access throughout the apartment. Materials include custom resin panels and cabinetry, complimentary wood veneers and laminates, iridescent wall coverings and tiles, stainless steel, and LED lighting.

Team - Garrick Jones | Margaux Schindler

Collaborators - HD Carpentry | Atta Studio

Select Photos - Bojune Kim