Green Room, Socrates Sculpture Park | Long Island City Queens NY

Green Room seeks to provide the Socrates Sculpture Park and surrounding Community a celebratory and better functioning flexible system of spaces for workshops, fellows, visitors, and all events which might use the education workspace. Green Room's design conflates its Park surroundings into a blended manmade / natural environment that is essentially a room without a ceiling and without walls, with a ceiling you can see through, and with walls you can see through which can enclose a room or rooms or can be retracted, both of which can act as incubators for new plants for the Park. What is performed and made in the Green Room is of and central to the Park. Green Room provides coverage from sun, rain, and wind while providing natural light and air circulation by way of a translucent canopy and system of translucent curtains which allow for greater flexibility for workshops in terms of their size, number, and privacy. Curtains can be drawn so that the entire Green Room is open. Curtains can be closed so the entire Green Room is a single enclosed work space. Curtains can be adjusted to enclose a number of different sized spaces from 1 to 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 distinct spaces in a number of configurations. The curtains dilute and refract views through one or multiple layers.

Team - Garrick Jones | Graciela Hodgson | June Lee

Collaborators - Enjoinery | Justin Den Herder