Perch Cube Bushel Literary Hot Tub Tree House loft | Chelsea NY

Full renovation of a 2,500 square foot full floor live / work loft in Chelsea NY. The title refers to the names of the inhabitable series of objet d'art which are posed along the length of a long, continuous public space in the family's work / live home. This public space is informally organized by the adjacencies of these objects, what happens within them, and the spaces between. The objects (elevated studies, lounge beds, libraries, offices, kitchens and bedrooms) each have their own distinct personality, but share a common material (genetic) language. The materials are mundane while being ostentatious in their composition. The most common and quintessential New York loft construction material, Douglas Fir, is at once reassembled as a mosaic collage of only its knots; arrayed in varying bandwidths so as to create artificial wave patterns from its graining; or bundled flat and then sheared in its cross-grain. A "gallery white" is at once presented as a white wall which then gives way to a milky translucent resin, flat and dormant by day and illuminated from within at night; or rendered as hyper glossy white plexi with dichroic shelf/apertures which unfold the full color spectrum through the day and night. The loft is an ode to the family that lives everyday within it, to dual and conflicting personalities, to privacy and public performance, and to New York City young and old.

Team - Garrick Jones | Sylvia Choi | Kim Nayoung | Brian Butterfield

Collaborators - HD Carpentry | Noam Rappaport | Cemre Durusoy

Publication - MOCOLOCO