SoHo Hotel | SoHo NY | Della Valle Bernheimer

Della Valle Bernheimer has sculpted a dynamic addition to the SoHo landscape with this 19-story, 5-Star eco-friendly Hotel. In form, articulation, finish, and performance, the building seeks distinction by creating an architecture between earth and sky.

The building is sculpted as interconnected, oscillating forms which twist and turn across the site, with progressively smaller floors - though not regularly stacked -  from the ground up. Each floor is wrapped with a continuous structurally glazed window wall, with recessed slab edges which articulate the façade as a series of horizontal strata. From the ground up, the windows change gradually in color from a warm bronze to a cool blue, mimicking the earth’s atmospheric gradient. From the sky down, a chrome frit pattern of vertically oriented, dotted striations is applied in a varying pattern mimicking falling rain, providing an illusory veil for the hotel. 

Team - Della Valle Bernheimer | Principal in Charge (DB) - Jared Della Valle | Project Architect - Garrick Jones

Collaborators - Silman | FRONT, Mike Ra | Mueser Rutledge | Derector