SoHo Condo Development | SoHo NY | JCCo

currently in development

This downtown NY condo and commercial building is the first project in full collaboration with Jeffrey Cole Architects as our collaborative venture JCCo. The facade design consists of a gradated patterning of corbelled bricks and monolithic windows. Bricks are arrayed in varying depths and patterns diagonally across the facade, gradually stepping out as the building rises, with finishes altering from a granular matte at the bottom to smooth glazed at the top. Monolithic windows, including protruding windows and retractable window walls, stretch in widening proportions from the edges toward the building’s corner.

Team - Jeffrey Cole | Garrick Jones | Garrick Houston | Graciela Hodgson | Sharvari Mhatre

Ten to One works in partnership with JCCo, Jones Cole Collaborative, a full service architectural firm led by partners Garrick Jones and Jeffrey Cole, R.A., with 50 years combined experience delivering 1,000,000 square feet of successful projects ranging from private residences to large scale mixed-use developments including hotels, galleries, restaurants, and condominiums. JCCo is dedicated to executing projects of inherent beauty and value and working collaboratively with local and global teams of designers, developers and owners.