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residential and commercial condo development

  downtown ny / in progress


This downtown NY condo and commercial building is the first project in development as our collaborative venture JCCo. The faćade design consists of a gradated patterning of corbelled bricks and monolithic windows. Bricks are arrayed in varying depths and patterns diagonally across the facade, gradually stepping out as the building rises, with finishes altering from a granular matte at the bottom to smooth glazed at the top. Monolithic windows, including protruding windows and retractable window walls, stretch in widening proportions from the edges toward the building’s corner.

Team - Garrick Jones, Garrick Houston, Graciela Hodgson, Sharvari Mhatre / Collaborators - Jeffrey Cole / JCCO

soho7 soho8

beggar's wharf townhouses

  rockland, maine / in progress


In collaboration with Rockland Maine City Planning / Framing other sides of the Beggar's Wharf Arts Complex full block development are townhouses and artist-in-residence work/live studios above a primarily retail ground floor. The townhouses are accessed from common lobbies and esplanades at the street and sculpture garden at the block's center. The townhouses are split-level from front to back with stairs and landings running axially across the middle. Each space is its own floor, allowing distinctive privacies within each space while simultaneously connecting between kitchen and living room, living and study, parents and children's rooms, bedrooms and studio,. Each space can have views to or through adjacent spaces as well as outward to exterior views and terraces. Spaces are framed on three sides by a c-shaped concrete shell, on a fourth side by a steel core, with the ends open, glazed, or with retractable walls.

Team - Garrick Jones, Graciela Hodgson, Garrick Houston, Sharvari Mhatre / Collaborators - Rockland Maine City Planning, MRLD

beggarswharftownhouses2 beggarswharftownhouses3 beggarswharftownhouses4

bedford stuyvesant community innovation campus

  brooklyn, ny / in progress


The Community Innovation Campus will be a mixed-used development in Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn encapsulating an innovative and holistic community vitalization strategy, one that will draw in much needed resources (jobs, affordable housing, etc.), into the community, while simultaneously providing the community with an opportunity to maximize and catalyze existing assets (cultural capital, thought leadership, underutilized real estate, etc.). The design seeks to create an interplay between the seemingly oppositional desires of public and private by stretching thin bands of a variety of programs around continually accessible auditoriums, promenades, parks, playgrounds.

Team: Garrick Jones, Garrick Houston, Graciela Hodgson, Sylvia Choi / Collaborators - Ember & Teaching Firms of America

interior exterior aerial bedstuy11 diagram1 bedstuy12 diagram3

245 tenth avenue and 459 west 18th street

  chelsea NY condo and commercial gallery mixed use projects by Della Valle Bernheimer


photo by Richard Barnes

24510thave04 24510thave03 24510thave02 459west18FrankOudeman

photo by Frank Oudeman

24510thave05 24510thave06 24510thave07 24510thave08

west village condo

  west village, ny by Diller Scofidio + Renfro

westvillage01 westvillage03 westvillage06 westvillage02 westvillage04 westvillage05