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  the super-flexible library furniture system / on sale now


Pie is a custom fabricated super-flexible library furniture system greater than the sum of its parts. Pie embodies the multi-faceted and flexible needs of today's library learning common spaces. Individual Pie pieces can serve as desk, shelving, storage, and lounge seating. Multiple Pie pieces can be quickly and easily moved and connected together in any number of configurations, from small groups to large gatherings, serving any number of purposes from traditional library to new media needs, from student study areas to classrooms, to parent and teacher meeting and workshop spaces. Pie is available in customizable sizes and in an array of vibrant colors. Ten to One would be happy to discuss your specific needs and can provide free space planning for any institution interested in using Pie.

Pie was featured in the "Flexible, Practical, Affordable, Colorful, & Fun" centerfold feature of Teacher Librarian magazine, as well as at the American Library Association 2016 Conference.

Team - Garrick Jones, Graciela Hodgson, Sylvia Choi

pan american library / workshop

  philadelphia, pa


A custom furniture and interior design for the Pan American Charter School, Philadelphia PA. The program for the new Library / Workshop for the Pan American Charter School Library in Philadelphia PA called for a multi-media library, seating for individuals as well as groups ranging from 6 to 50, sometimes simultaneously, for the rapidly growing school's K-8 students as well as for community, parent and teacher meetings and workshops, all in an existing 1,500 s.f. space. A modular system of fixtures – at the same desk, lounge seat, bookshelf, and storage – were designed to allow for the required overlapping of program, the total flexibility required of components, and at the same time a focused and nurturing setting.

PanAm-04 PanAm-03 PanAm-07 PanAm-05 PanAm-06 PanAm-08 library-1 library-8 library-2 library-3

photos by Bojune Kwon

loop loft

  williamsburg, brooklyn


perch cube bushel literary hot tub tree house

chelsea, ny


dietl art handling offices

  chelsea, ny

dietl09 dietl04 dietl05

loft within a loft

  chelsea, ny


A more intimate, human scale loft is created within a larger disproportionately scaled existing loft. The two lofts are treated as surfaces, between which is the thick material of inhabitation, such as bed, kitchen, doors, closets, lights, cabinets, tables, benches and chairs, dressers, stairs. The loft within the loft distorts at times, through the space, sometimes opening to reveal, sometimes concealing what lies behind. Both lofts can be inhabited, and inhabitants can be reach between them at varying times, in varying locations, both physically and visually.


capsule : phase 1

  new york, las vegas & paris


Exhibition Planning, Fixture and Signage Design for the BPMW Capsule Fashion Trade Shows throughout the U.S. and Europe : A highly flexible, simple to use, graphically iconic fixture package was designed for use by individual exhibitors for the BPMW Capsule Shows, acclaimed for being cutting edge and democratically edited. Exhibitors are each given a box which splits apart into several smaller units, and given additive shelving inserts, all of which can be organized in a myriad of ways, for a myriad of products. The collection of units can act as small table, large table, floor table or wall display, shelving, hanging rack, storage, screen, etc. The CNC routed angled splits and crosses in the AC Doug Fir plywood and milk plexi celebrates pragmatism as graphic identity. Other experiential elements such as Signage and Registration vignettes act also as simple but transformative iconography; a field of balloons floating overhead and distorted wood box portals which registrants pass through, covered with cnc routed graphics with a substrate of multi-colored dichroic plexi and LED lighting. Phase 1 U.S. implementation to be completed January 2014.

capsule18 capsule8 capsule12 capsule6 capsule9 capsule17 capsule4 capsule19 capsule20 capsule21