Eco Retreat Prefab House Prototype | North Hampton Long Island NY | Della Valle Bernheimer

This 1,800 square foot beach house is the prototype undertaking for a prefab home design, to be manufactured and marketed as a modestly sized and priced, environmentally friendly “eco-retreat” in a variety of configurations. The house is conceived as a series of formally articulated, programmatically conflated prefabricated units, which are occupied alternately, blurring the line between outside and inside spaces but also delineating a program of excursion and retreat. The house is simultaneously open to its surroundings and able to withstand severe weather. The first floor of the house is inhabited around a series of intensely compact programmatic elements of kitchen, living room and stair. The walls between these elements are made of a series of retractable glass doors, allowing most of the floor to open out onto the surrounding decks and landscape.

Team - Della Valle Bernheimer | Principal in Charge (DB) - Jared Della Valle | Project Architect - Garrick Jones