Double Vision material research

What if you could see through a solid wall? What if you could see through an object or room, while being able to obscure inhabitation within? Double Vision is an ongoing material investigation seeking to converge conventional tectonic oppositions such as wall and fenestration, inside and outside, privacy and publicity, front and back, transparent and reflective, clarity and obscurity. This first investigation begins with the desire for an object to be see through while providing levels of obscurity and inhabitation. Alternating ribbons of glass and mirror polished stainless steel are angled, twisted and offset to form a patterned series of reflections and camera obscura refractions across and through surfaces and rooms. Direct views are obscured. Solid surfaces optically represent the views behind them, or reflect back depending on view or light. Multiple walls of a room creating a compounding of effects, an optically dynamic camouflaging wherein inhabitation can be revealed or obscured.

Team - Garrick Jones | Graciela Hodgson | June Lee