The Bathysphere and the Fifth Ecology of Brooklyn is a phased, multi-planar, multi-field development strategy that consists of; buildable development rights above the ground and below the elevated train and roadway infrastructures of the Gowanus Canal Sewershed + Green and blue infrastructure which mitigates storm runoff from the tracks above and adjacent streets + Semi-pervious streets and sidewalks + Open ground level event and play spaces for activities such as playgrounds, cafes and fairs + Solar energy canopies above the elevated train and roadways + Sewage geothermal energy banks tapping the sewer mains below grade + CSO retention pools + CSO and storm water runoff mitigation.

The Bathysphere, Phase 1, floats above the intersection of Smith and Huntington Streets, housing a Field Station, Event Space, Bath House as well as an Energy Bank for the sewage geothermal and solar micro-scale energy network. The Bathysphere is a pilot project meant to inspire similar community net zero projects across the Canal and beyond. The vast outside powers which have influenced the Gowanus Canal Sewershed will now be tapped and redistributed to be used to energize the Canal's local constituents as well as public city life for everyone.

We invite everyone to come, relax and mingle in the hot and cold baths, saunas, under the UV lamps, come talk to us about how you can get off the ground and off the grid, or stroll outside and enjoy the newly greened streets below. 

Team - Garrick Jones | Graciela Hodgson | June Lee | Alec Henry | Min Chen

Exhibition - Axis Civitas, Gowanus by Design | Site: Brooklyn Gallery