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she's a brick house!: townhouse renovation

  prospect heights, brooklyn, ny

In progress

Gut renovation and conversion of a Landmarked Brooklyn townhouse from a three family to a single family triplex with habitable cellar and separate rental unit. The final scheme was arrived at through extensive analysis of numerous potential options from multi-family to single family with and without additions, analyzed in terms of design and proforma and weighed with the client's lifestyle, budget, and long term desires.

In order to maximize space, light and connectivity between the house and the outside, the facades are opened up at the rear, connecting the ground floor social space with the rear yard, as well as the front. All windows and doors are pushed outward, particularly at the bay window and monolithic rear doors, where the brick facades morph from wall to extruded bay window frame. This pushing out of spaces within is given form through a reimagining of the historic Neo-Grec brick facades. The brick wall is corbelled outward with only incidental ornament to frame the outstretched windows and doors, and house a bench within.

brickhouse1 brickhouse2 brickhouse3

duplex / duflex: prospect park south multi-family house renovation and addition

  brooklyn, ny

In progress. This Townhouse in Prospect Park South is expanded up, down, and outwards to provide a duplex and duflex for two families who desire outdoor space both semi-private and shared, expansive open interior space with access to the outdoors on each level, flexible bedrooms for their growing families, and a flexible unit which can be its own unit or flex to be part of the larger family unit.


rooftop addition

  lower east side, ny

This rooftop addition is a retreat from the City below, hearkening back to the Owner's primary dwelling in Hawaii. The interior space, with high ceilings and glass facades at the front and rear, as well as materials passing thru from outside to inside to outside, is connected to the exterior decks at the front and rear - and above - while providing a cradled respite from and a framing of the world outside.

rooftop1 rooftop2 rooftop3

park slope brownstone residence

  brooklyn, ny

park-slope-brownstone-03 park-slope-brownstone-10 park-slope-brownstone-11 park-slope-brownstone-12

prospect heights duplex condo residence

  brooklyn, ny

In progress

prospectheights02 prospectheights03 prospectheights04

park slope townhouse

  Brooklyn, NY by Della Valle Bernheimer

pstownhouse01michaelbiernat pstownhouse02 pstownhouse03 pstownhouse04

photos by Michael Biernat

lightbox residence and studio

  wainscott, ny by Della Valle Bernheimer

lightbox01andrewbernheimer lightbox02 lightbox03 lightbox04

photos by Andrew Bernheimer


  syracuse, ny by Della Valle Bernheimer and Architecture Research Office

rhouse06 rhouse01richardbarnes rhouse04 rhouse05

photos by Richard Barnes

rhouse03 rhouse02

beach wood house

  long island, ny

The new 6,000 s.f. Beach Wood House is conceived as an old drift wood tree, weathered by the elements, simultaneously open and fortified. The house is wrapped with glass and varying depths and orientations of wood, outside and inside. Two layers of wood siding interweave to form the private enclosures upstairs. Gradated semi-private and sun-screened apertures are formed by steam bending and turning the wood siding. The two layers diverge at times, enveloping the open living space exterior and interior walls, ceilings, shelves.

treehouse-1 treehouse-2 treehouse-4 treehouse-3 treehouse-6

atlantic beach residence

  atlantic beach, ny

atlanticbeach01 atlanticbeach04

panama residence

  boca del toro, panama

This entry complex and guest house for a residential property on a remote part of the island of Bocas del Toro, Panama, sit on thin stretches of flat landscape on a steep hillside overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Modular and readily available construction methodologies are utilized in simple forms which are fragmented and arrayed in rhythmically sequenced rows across the hillside. Passages, decks, and gardens are interspersed amongst the rows and arrays such that each room has a distinct relationship to the landscape and meandering paths arrive at every doorstep.


taz house

  spec house with Della Valle Bernheimer

Taz House is sculpted to take both functional and qualitative advantage of the Passive House principles of passive solar and thermal sustainable engineering. Taz House is designed to have a specific solar orientation, but with the ability to be oriented in any manner on any site: Any of the four sides of the house can act as front, rear, or side entry, allowing the house to have the proper solar orientation on any site. The south-facing interior of the house is an open light collector which spans the full height of the house, allowing light from both skylights and windows to cascade through the house, varying throughout the day, night, and seasons, passively conditioning the open living areas and subsequently, with an HRV system, the entire house. The thick exterior walls of Taz House, which can be imagined clad in any material such as renewable hardwood such as Eucalyptus, recycled brick, or metal, are super insulated, allowing the house to self-regulate its primarily passive mechanical system. The interior of the house is bifurcated by a switchback stair and bath core which is enshrouded in a translucent skin and shelving to act as both a light diffuser by day and a light beacon at night. Above the open floor plan of the ground floor, two levels of dwelling spaces reside above with intermediary family mixing spaces between them that open out to the light collector, as well as a roof deck above.

boxhouse1 boxhouse2 boxhouse3 boxhouse4